Senior Leadership Team

Mr M. Taylor – Headteacher; Teacher of Mathematics

Mr P. Griffin – Deputy Headteacher; Teacher of RE and History

Mrs N. Cullen – Assistant Headteacher; Teacher of French and German

Ms S. Ewing – Assistant Headteacher; Teacher of RE


Staff with Responsibilities

Mr O. Barron – Head of Department – Arts; Teacher of Music

Miss M. Dorgan – Pupil and Parent Voice Co-ordinator; Teacher of Mathematics

Mr R. Earnshaw – Head of Department – Mathematics; Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs K. Edwards – PSHE Co-ordinator and Website; Teacher of Drama, Geography and ICT

Mr C. Goode – Head of Department – History; Teacher of History

Mrs K. Griffin – Head of Department – RE; Teacher of RE

Mrs J. Macauley – Inclusion Manager and SENCO

Ms M. Magee – Head of Department – English and Literacy; Teacher of English

Mr M. Maycock – Timetable and Data; Teacher of Technology

Mr S. Norton – Data Manager; Teacher of Technology

Ms T. Oldroyd – Head of Department – Languages; Teacher of French

Mrs S. Richards – Head of Department – Geography; Teacher of Geography

Miss A. Robinson – Head of Year 7 and Primary Liaison Co-ordinator; Teacher of PE

Mr D. Symons – Head of Department – PE; Teacher of PE

Mr G. Welch – Head of Department – Technology; Teacher of Technology

Mr M. Winspear – Head of Department – Science; Teacher of Science


Teaching Staff

Mrs S. Adams – Teacher of Art

Mr S. Brindle – Teacher of English

Ms S. Cooper – Teacher of Technology

Mr R. Cullen – Teacher of Science

Mr A. Edwards – Teacher of History

Mr D. Edwards – Teacher of Geography, RE and PSHE

Mr M. Fitzpatrick – Teacher of Science

Mrs R. Gomersall – Teacher of English, Literacy Support Teacher

Mr J. Jarmany – Teacher of RE

Ms C. Harrison – Teacher of French and German

Miss J. Harrison – Teacher of Science

Mr J. Long – Teacher of RE

Miss M. Simpson – Teacher of PE

Mr S. Tattersall – Teacher of English

Mrs P. Taylor – Teacher of Science

Mrs C. Watkinson – Teacher of Music

Miss K. White – Teacher of English

Mrs A. Woods – Teacher of Mathematics

Ms R. Yates – Teacher of Art



Mrs J. Moses – Specialist Teacher and Hub School Co-ordinator

Mrs M. Natkanska-Robbins – Advanced Teaching Assistant for MEA

Mr M. Sobczak – Bilingual Advanced Teaching Assistant

Ms E. Helps – Administrative Assistant


Faculty Support

Miss Ab. Cooke – Technology Technician

Mrs A. Cooke – Cover Supervisor

Mrs L. Crouch – Librarian

Mrs M. Dufton-Stewart – Learning Manager, First Aider

Mrs S. Jenkinson – Educational Social Worker

Mr G. Jones – ICT Manager

Mr M. Jones – Technology Technician

Mrs L. Meade  – Careers

Mrs L. Scott – Science Technician


Teaching Assistants

Mrs D. Andrico – General Teaching Assistant

Mrs A. Das – General Teaching Assistant

Mrs S. Dixon – General Teaching Assistant

Mrs A. Fairbotham – General Teaching Assistant

Mrs J. Gibbard – Advanced Teaching Assistant

Mrs J. Kaye – General Teaching Assistant

Mrs S. Krlic – General Teaching Assistant

Mrs A. Rewcroft – General Teaching Assistant

Mrs A. Sadler – General Teaching Assistant

Mrs A. Thompson – Advanced Teaching Assistant

Mr M. Thompson – Advanced Teaching Assistant


School Chaplaincy Team

Canon E. Gubbins – School Chaplain and Parish Priest

Mrs S. Rutter – Chaplaincy Co-ordinator


Admin Support

Mrs S. Brown – Pupil Admission’s Officer and Clerk to the Governors

Mrs N. Darke – Attendance Officer, Exams Officer

Mrs T. Hargrave – School Secretary, Head’s Personal Assistant

Mr P. Luntley – Caretaker

Mrs A. Mortimer – Finance Assistant

Mr D. Roodhouse – Site Manager

Mrs C. Thornton – Administrative Assistant

Mrs A. Wardlow – School Bursar