Welcome to St Augustine’s School – Prospective Parents

Welcome to all prospective parents.   You may find the following links useful:

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Where is the school?

We are in Scarborough just off the A170 and near the A64. Our  reputation means we accept admissions from as far as Bridlington and Whitby if they meet our criteria. See here for a map and our full address. 

What do I need to do to apply for admission?

Read the admissions guide on this page. Navigate to the appropriate documents, and print. All this information is available from the school on request.

How can I find out the latest school news?

On the right corner of the website is a sidebar that lists all new content posted to our website. Keep an eye on that. In addition, there is an RSS button so you can add the website to your regular news reader. Generally the website will be updated every Friday.

Follow this link for a guide of how to set up an RSS reader. 

What exactly are Home Access and Fronter?

Home Access is a means by which a student can access the files on their home drive in school. It essentially allows them to transfer their files to and from school in a safe fashion. While a memory stick is useful, and should still be used, Home Access allows them to ensure that the loss of a memory stick doesn’t mean the loss of work.

If you do not have Microsoft Office at home, an excellent free version is available here.

Fronter is a system that allows students to access interactive homework. They have a different password and username for this from their usual log in information. See above if their password and username do not work.

I’ve heard the school has an exceptional music department. How can I hear them?

Our school is famed for its public performances, and there is always something going on. If you want to hear some of our exceptional music department, there is an MP3 player available on the left side of the page.

Also, keep looking at the newsfeed on the right side of this page for updates on school performances.

How can I find out when the school holidays are?

Click on the calendar link above, or here, to find out when the school term dates are. Notice that dates of school events themselves are subject to change, and this website shouldn’t be taken as the authority of events.

What information do we provide about Year 9 Options?

Click here to view and download the latest Year 9 Options Information. You can see a presentation, or read the options booklet itself. In addition, students can take advantage of  paid subscription to the premium careers website u-explore.com. Moreover, our students can also speak to form tutors, parents, and also to our careers leader Mrs Noble.

What does it mean to be reading school?

St Augustine’s is a reading school. If you a student has written a book review, then you may find it here. Students can, at any time, submit a book review for perusal by completing this form. Finally, you can read about our reading philosophy here.

How can I find out about the latest Chaplaincy Events?

Our school chaplain, Sara Rutter, is always very busy organising events and experiences for the spiritual development. Students can Sara for themselves in school, watch out for the notices, or see here for some past events.

I want to read the school policies. Where can I find them?

All school policies are available to view – and to download and print – here. These are updated on a regular basis.

How can I get involved in the PTA?

The relationship between school and parents is vital. Read the constitution here. Regular events are held throughout the year, and parental support is always gratefully appreciated.