The St Augustine’s Advent Liturgy took place at St Peter’s Church on Thursday 12th December. This year, the service was based around the Great ‘O’ Antiphons, which are prayers that come from the Breviary Vespers and are said during the eight days (Octave) before Christmas Eve, a time which is called the ‘Golden Nights’.

Each Antiphon begins with ‘O’ and addresses Jesus with a unique title which comes from the prophecies of Isaias and Micheas (Micah). The titles are:


Sapientia (Wisdom)

Adonai (Lord of Israel)

Radix Jesse (Root of Jesse)

Clavis David (Key of David)

Oriens (Radiant Dawn)

Rex Gentium (King of all Nations)

Emmanuel (God with us)

The letters, when read backwards spell ERO CRAS in Latin which means ‘Tomorrow I come’.

Each ‘O’ Antiphon was represented by a banner, designed and painted by the Art Club, as well as readings by students and staff. The Chamber Choir accompanied the service which was a beautiful reflection of the season.

Well done to everyone involved.