11th – 15th December 2017

Various events are taking place next week as part of Attendance Awareness Week. See how many you can join in with.

  1. 5 Day Challenge

Every student who achieves 100% attendance during this week will be entered into two prize drawers.

  • The first one is a Year Group draw and the prize is a £10 voucher
  • The second is a Form Group draw and the prize is a chocolate Santa
  • Students will fail this challenge if they have:
    • Lates
    • Medical Appointments in school time
    • Illness


  1. Treasure Hunt
  • There will be one clue to be read out each morning, the answer will be the name of a teacher.
  • That teacher will have the question of the day.
  • The answers to the questions can be found in the Powerpoint shown in the assembly last week.
  • Once the sheet is complete on Friday, hand to Mrs Krlic – prize for the first group per year group to hand in the completed sheet.
  • The prize is a one week ‘Queue Hopper’ ticket for an early lunch


  1. Bookmark Competition
  • Tutees to design a bookmark – based on ‘Top Tips for Good Attendance’.
  • Prize will have their bookmark printed and given out to the current Year 6’s who will be coming to St Augustine’s next year.


  1. Poster Competition
  • Tutees to design a poster – based on ‘Reasons to Come to School’ – info contained in Powerpoint referred to above
  • Groups ideally – but individuals are ok.
  • As colourful as possible please.
  • Winner to have their poster on school website/displayed around school.


Students are not expected to take part in every activity although it would be appreciated if they could try at least one!

 Mrs Krlic will be in the foyer every break time this week to answer any attendance related questions – give Mrs Krlic a random fact about Attendance and be given a little treat!