In law, each school is required to report its annual attendance figures. Attendance levels at St. Augustine’s are good but some parents still arrange family holidays during term time. This is discouraged as it can have an effect on academic progress.

Attendance is the single most important thing that you can ensure as a parent or carer. Our expectation is that students attend 100% of the time, of course we realise that sometimes illness or other issues may happen.

Please make sure that if your child is absent you telephone school before 8.45am on the first day of sickness on 01723 363280, alternatively you can send a text to 07786208896 and send in a note when your child comes back to school.

Where absence falls below 90% letters will be sent out automatically and in those cases where attendance is persistently low we will use the statutory legal powers available. Our Education Social Worker works closely with families to ensure good attendance is maintained, ensuring that our children get the most from school and are ready for the world beyond school.


  • Our whole school attendance target is 96%.
  • We expect all students to aim for this target as a minimum.
  • Government guidelines state that any student with attendance below 90% is classified as a persistent absentee.
  • Research shows that poor attendance is directly linked to poor academic achievement.
  • Students with attendance of 90% and under have less than a 50% chance of achieving 5 A*-C grades at GCSE.


As a parent you are legally responsible to ensure your child attends school. When a student continues to have poor attendance we have to follow the Local Authority procedures and this may result in you being taken to court.


  • Students who arrive at school after the registers close are marked as unauthorised absence.
  • All illness, medical appointments and holidays in term time affect a student’s overall attendance total.
  • Parents of students with attendance below 96% will receive letters regarding our concerns.


  • All medical and dental appointments must be outside of school hours whenever possible.
  • All students must be in school for registration promptly at 8.55am each day.
  • Family holidays in term time are not allowed.
  • Support your child by taking an interest in their school work and activities.
  • Ensure homework is completed on time.
  • Have good bedtime and morning routines.
  • Keep good contact with school when any issues arise.


  • You must notify school with the reason for absence before 9am on the first day of absence 01723 363280 or text to 07786 208896.
  • This is a parental responsibility and it is not acceptable for students to ring in themselves.
  • If your child is absent and you have not contacted school, you will receive a text from school to which you must reply.
  • We treat all absences from school very seriously as safeguarding our students is our first priority.
  • We will follow up on messages left by contacting you for more details if necessary.
  • If your child is ill you should provide school with any medical evidence eg. A doctor’s appointment slip, sight of a prescription, note from any medical professional. This can be shown to Mrs Jackson, Attendance Officer, on return to school
  • Medical evidence is particularly relevant if your child already has poor school attendance. Remember further unauthorised absences may result in us having to begin legal procedures.
  • If your child is too ill to come to school over a number of days, then we would expect you to consult medical opinion.
  • Remember there is always support in school if students feel unwell through the day, and we will always contact you if necessary.
  • You must contact school as early as possible on each day of absence unless you have already told us the expected length of absence as advised by a medical professional.

If you are unsure of anything please talk to us!If you need any help, advice or support with anything regarding school attendance please talk to us. We want your child to be happy, safe and healthy whilst with us, in order that he/she is able to realise their full potential.