Year 9 Pupils had a visit by Councillor Eric Broadbent to have a discussion on Local politics.

Some quotes from year 9:

“Eric came into school to discuss politics and his views on the current parliament… he was 2000 votes off becoming MP of Scarborough and Whitby”.

“He was a worker at Plaxtons and wanted to go into politics because he liked helping people”. Both on Central ward at on North Yorkshire County Councillor for many years.

Eric’s visit was “very useful and interesting. I thought that he was very good at answering the questions and taught us a lot about politics…I greatly enjoyed his visit”.

“I found it interesting when he went to South Africa, but came back because he wasn’t happy with apartheid…his story shows that if you work hard you can do what you want to do”. “You don’t have to have gone to Oxford or an expensive university to get into politics and do well”.

“His experiences working in a trade union and at Plaxtons contributed to his becoming mayor… he has helped a lot of people in Scarborough (as a Councillor)”.

“It was interesting to meet somebody who works to try and make Scarborough a better place each day”.

“I think that he made a good point by saying that Theresa May is not wanting to give much money to the people of England because she says it is in debt, but England is the sixth richest country in the world”.

“He was very nice, respectful and considerate when answering questions and talking to us… I liked hearing his opinions on issues in our country or borough at this time”.

“My interest in politics has increased and I may go down the political route… I’ve also learnt that hard work leads to being successful, rather than luck”.

Councillor Eric Broadbent said The class were very alive to the world in which they will soon be living in as adults and the need to be involved to prosper and live a happy life. The class was very interested  and asked lots of really good questions  about local politics and who makes decisions on their behalf.

I would look forward to meeting St Augustine’s pupils again in the future.