A very wet and muddy cross country event last night, this was the second of the races across this season and is always extremely well ran by Caedmon School. Sadly we were the only Scarborough school in the area to attend the event which is really disappointing however highlighted again that although we are on of the smaller schools in the area we always manage to fulfil our fixtures and it was also noted by the schools in the Whitby and Ryedale district.

Due to the year 10/11 pressures each year the numbers dwindle for the races, but we had Oliver Bennett and Pawel Wyrzykowski continuing to commit and represent St Augustines. Oliver came 19th and Pawel came 23rd despite falling in the mud mid race!

The Year 7s ran next, who were all very nervous as they were unsure of the route of the race but who all manage to keep up with competition and get some excellent results:

Rose Benson 12th

Erin Richardson 34th

Ebony Watkinson 31st

Maya Jackson 29th

Annalise Wade 41st

Poppy Meade 32nd

Niamh Upton 25th

Charlie Sheader 16th

Ben Broadbent 12th

Oliver Walters 8th

Tom Kelly 21st

James Barnes 41st

Oliver Price 28th

Rocco Gill 22nd

Toby Beard 43rd

Bobby shanks 32nd

Akeel Niah 33nd

Kieron Holmes 47th

Jamil Miah 35th

Ksean Francis 44th

Alex Millington 37th

The year 8 and 9 groups run together but the results are recorded separately but it can still be quite demotivating for the year 8s, however Alexis Zulueta had an outstanding race and came 1st, closely followed by Olivia Tenario who came 3rd. The rest of the year 8 and 9 pupils had a set of brilliant results as well:

Poppy Rewcroft 23rd

Olivia Brady 47th

Raine Robertson 40th

Elliot Thompson 13th

Billy Kelly 25th

Drew Jordan 34th

Rosa Clay 9th

Mia Gardner Long 27th.

When the rain finally stopped I managed to get some pictures but sadly not of all the competitors! Next competition is straight after half term at Dalby Forest.