untitledTo help celebrate National Poetry Day on Thursday 6th October all of our Year 7-10 students were given a poetry challenge – to learn as many lines of one of two poems as they could, off by heart, and to recite them to their teacher! And to encourage friends and family to sponsor them, so that we could raise money for the department and to support the Ugandan schools.

The response has been brilliant from so many of our students – the teachers would just like to thank those students who made extremely impressive efforts to learn Percy Shelley’s 14 line    sonnet, ‘Ozymandias’, or Ted Hughes’ war-time 23 line poem, ‘Bayonet Charge’:

  • Camila Castro in 9.2 recited both poems.
  • Angelika Andrijevska, Year 8, who remembered both poems.
  • Jacob Oliver Year 8, who remembered all of Ozymandias and most of Bayonet Charge.
  • Emily Ford who remembered both poems.

Students who recited all of Ozymandias:

Year 9 – Ben Corcoran, Layal Ahmed-Ali, Isabel Gibson, Mollie Hogg, Emily Mallinson, Martina Mazzacato, Phoebe Newham, Amelia O’Brien, Murray Robinson, Marcjanna Slodczyk,    Michael Vu, Ella Wyvill and Saad Yousaf.

Year 8 – Jessica Harland, Kathryn Donoghue, Dylan Riley, Jules Gallyot, George  Griffiths (Won a prize for the best recital of the poem), Caden Jones, Sophie Pickup completed it and Iona Grassam (13 lines). Most lines from 8(N) was won by Ana Flores-Zabala – but Mr Brindle loved the atmosphere of teamwork and support in that lesson where everyone surprised themselves!

Year 7 – Nakul  Thampi and Reane Canto, Scarlett Anderson, Alexander Bacasmas, Francesca Backhouse,  Holly-Jane, Berkeley, Joss Braida, Sophie Chard, Dario Faraj-Lavado, Millie Johnson, Kathryn Kitto, Connie MacGregor, Stephen Nicholson, Harvey Taylor and Brogan Willby – plus Oliver Jackson learned all of ‘Bayonet Charge’. Catherine Hooper and Iliana Legkou (13 lines) and Summer Brawn completed it.

The GCSE in English is very demanding and students will be expected to know many poems extremely well.

These KS3 students have all proven to themselves that they are capable of doing this – an achievement that we are proud of. Well done!