Dear Parent/Guardian

As the examination season starts on Monday 14th May, I am writing to ask you to have a final check that your child has the correct equipment for each examination. As we all know, the main “enemy” in any examination is timing. Having to ask for equipment during the examination breaks a thought pattern and loses valuable writing time.

Your child should arrive at the hall by 8.45 a.m. in the morning (morning examinations start at 9 a.m.) and 1.00 p.m. in the afternoon (examinations start at 1.15 p.m.) Seating arrangements are posted in advance on the Examination Board outside the Pastoral Office for each exam, and as changes can occur an early arrival allows time for your child to know exactly where they are seated and feel settled and relaxed before they enter the examination room.

Equipment needed:
 Clear pencil case or plastic wallet/food bag
 At least 2 working pens – BLACK INK ONLY
 2 sharpened pencils
 1 ruler
 1 eraser
 1 scientific calculator – battery checked

There will be bottled water available a.m. and p.m., and a snack bar in the morning before each exam. If your child prefers their own container for water this should be clear plastic, any labels removed. Can I also ask that you encourage your child to go to bed at a decent time and have a drink and something to eat before leaving for school.

Year 11 students are working very hard and richly deserve success in the coming examinations. I look forward to celebrating that success with you in August. They are a credit to themselves and you as parents/guardians and I thank you, once again, on behalf of the staff for your constant support.

Kind regards,
Ms. Ewing.
Assistant Head Teacher