Friday 24th May 2019 – Today the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal came to visit us here at St Augustine’s.  Sr. Faustina and Sr. Therese spoke to Year 10 about being made in the image of God and about God’s reality in their lives.  Sr Faustina spoke very movingly about her life and how she had realised, after a serious injury, that her life wasn’t a reflection of her true values, of her true self.  She encouraged Year 10 to remember that, whatever the pressures of life, God is real and wants to be part of their life.  Sr. Therese led the pupils in prayer through reflective song.   They then spoke to three classes and attended Mass with us, celebrated by Canon Gubbins.  The best moments were watching the Sisters engage with the pupils on the corridors and in the playground.  At break time pupils flocked around them in the yard and were disappointed when the bell went; everyone wanted to speak with them.  The Sisters returned to the their mission in Leeds and assured us of their ongoing prayers for us.  We hope they’ll come again soon.