Once again the school has enrolled in the Bookbuzz scheme, run by The Book Trust, which gives each new Year 7 pupil a free book from a choice of twelve. The school pays half towards the cost of each book, and the rest is paid by the government!

The list has books from many different genres, including horror, fantasy, humour, crime and adventure, plus one non-fiction book.  One of the titles is ‘Wonder’, which has recently been made into a film starring Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson, and which has received good reviews.  The book comes with a sticker saying ‘Read Wonder before you see the film!’ which is always good advice.

However, this year’s favourite title – the choice of 35 out of 128 pupils – was ‘Girl on a Plane’ by Miriam Moss.  This is based on the true story of the hijacking of a plane in Jordan in 1970, and was   inspired by the author’s own experience of being hijacked when she was just fifteen.  If pupils go onto The Book Trust’s website (www.booktrust.org.uk), they will find a blog by each of the authors.

As we’re sure you’re aware, this school is very keen to encourage a love of reading amongst our pupils, as research proves that this is a sure-fire way to improve  academic attainment, and we feel confident that our enrolment in this scheme is one of the ways in which we can promote this.

In addition, The Book Trust is running a ‘Design a Book Cover’ competition for pupils to re-design the cover of the book they chose.  Ms Yates in the Art Department is guiding the pupils in designing their cover as a class project and hopefully, who knows, we may well have a winner. Entries into the competition must be received by The Book Trust by 19 January. So good luck to all those who enter.