Dear St Augustine’s students

What can you do that can make a big difference at no cost?

130 million girls across the world are not able to go to school today and we at St Augustine’s believe that every child should have the right to education.

This is why we are taking part in the #girlscount campaign. Our aim is to have each reg group read a number out, record themselves and upload it to the #girlscount website. The reg group with the best (most creative) video will receive a prize.

Please go to the girls count website: and watch the video for more information.

You can claim up to 10 consecutive numbers, but we only ask you to do a minimum of 1, however many numbers you do is at your discretion.

If you need any help please speak to Miss Dorgan or a member of the Peace & Justice group.

Students: please feel free to make your own individual video, there are still many to be done!

Thank you 😊

St Augustine’s PJs