PLEASE – Let’s look after each other!

It’s a nervous and unsettling time at the moment, with news about coronavirus, COVID-19  surrounding us constantly.

Nobody really knows what will happen, and lots of people are suffering with incredible anxiety at this time.

Some people combat this anxiety with humour, others by taking extra precautions, some do both – we are all different and we react differently.

Our family backdrops are all different too – many people enjoy good health and benefit from the good health of their families. Other people may live with someone who is extra vulnerable to the virus physically, or whose mental health is affected and conditions such as OCD start to develop or symptoms appear stronger as anxiety takes over.

People with vulnerabilities, both seen and unseen are all around us…please…

  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly (the soap dispensers in the toilets are checked regularly – the soap is clear so don’t be fooled into thinking the dispenser is empty!)
  • Be considerate when making jokes, you never know who is around you that may be genuinely feeling sick with fear about the virus
  • Help each other (your teachers too) to stay calm and grounded. Encourage your anxious friends to do some breathing exercises, and try to keep virus talk to essential and factual information only
  • Don’t tease someone that has a cough – they might have asthma
  • Be responsible – if you think you are getting a cough or temperature, go and report it, and cough into a tissue or your elbow

We can’t control this situation – we CAN challenge ourselves to take control of the way we act towards it though, and that is pretty powerful.

PLEASE – Let’s look after each other!

Mrs Cullen