Mathematics is one of the most useful subjects you learn at school. It gives you vital tools needed to study many degree subjects, particularly among the sciences, as well as in engineering and technology.

It also teaches you a wide range of transferable skills that will benefit you in whatever jobs you take. Mathematics provides you with the numeracy skills required to take control of your daily lives, whether managing your finances or judging the latest government statistics.

While studying mathematics you will be expected to:

• Use mathematical skills and knowledge to solve problems.

• Use logic and reason to solve problems.

• Break down problems into small steps in order to solve them.

• Use the mathematics that you learn to solve problems that might happen in real life.

• Learn to use a calculator to solve problems quickly and effectively.

Key Stage 3

  Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Autumn Number Alegbra Number
Spring Ratio Geometry Algebra
  Proportion Measure
Summer Data Handling Ratio Data Handling
  Probability Proportion Probability

Pupils in Years 7, 8 & 9 follow a Scheme of Work which follows the new National Curriculum (September 2013). All pupils are regularly tested at the end of every topic and these assessments form the basis of our subject interventions. All pupils have a login for ‘My Maths’ which they should be using every week, either for homework or intervention support. Parents are encouraged to look on this website with their children to check their child’s progress.

Any problems with logins to the ‘My Maths’ site please contact Mr Earnshaw.

Key Stage 4

Pupils in Years 10 & 11 study Edexcel’s  Linear GCSE Mathematics course. More able pupils are offered GCSE Further Mathematics in preparation for A Level courses. Again pupils are tested at the end of each unit of work and these assessments are diagnostically marked to identify areas for further development with pupils. Intervention classes that address these areas are offered to all pupils who need additional support.

Year 10 Year 11
Autumn Ratio Geometry
  Proportion Measure
Spring Algebra Catch Up
Summer Number Revision

GCSE Maths, Parent-Student Guide