Key Stage 3

French Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Autumn Personal Information Myself and Others New Technology 1
My Likes and Dislikes Reviewing a Film New Technology 2
Spring School Day and Subjects Healthy Habits Options and Future Plans
Describing and Comparing my School Hospital, Doctor and Dentist Work, Part-time Jobs and Plans
Summer Weather and My Local Area Leisure Activities Families and Relationships
  My House and Food Holidays Relationships and Future Plans
German Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Autumn  “About Me” Daily Routines
  School Leisure Activities
Spring Home and Local Area Education and Work
Summer  Food and Drink Media and New Technology
  Healthy and Unhealthy Foods Transport and Local Environment

Key Stage 4

Studying a language at GCSE is a rewarding, stimulating and enriching experience. Pupils may choose to take one or both languages at Key Stage 4. The areas covered in both languages are very similar.

Subject Content Includes:

  • Theme 1: Identity and Culture
  • Theme 2: Local, national, international and global areas of interest
  • Theme 3: Current and future study and employment

The main aims of the courses are to develop pupils’ ability to use their languages for the purposes of practical communication and to encourage a sympathetic approach to other cultures. Pupils should be able to understand and provide information relating to the above areas.

In year 11, pupils are presented for the GCSE examinations in Modern Foreign Languages. Candidates will be presented for foundation or higher level papers. In order to reach the higher grades, you must sit the ‘higher level’ papers.  There are 4 examinations in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Each of these is worth 25% of the qualification.

Speaking another language is, above all, a social activity. It can open up   opportunities to travel and meet new people. But why else choose a language…

  • To communicate with people of other cultures
  • To increase career opportunities
  • To develop an appreciation of travel and other cultures
  • To improve grammatical awareness
  • Workers who speak a foreign language get paid 8-20% more than those who don’t
  • 94% of the world does not speak English as their first language
  • 75% of the world does not speak English at all
  • Because its fun!

Career Opportunities

  • Translation/interpreting
  • Travel and tourism
  • Teaching (particularly as languages are now becoming compulsory at primary school)
  • Armed Forces
  • The Foreign Office and other government departments
  • Languages are an asset in any career path.
German (AQA) Year 10 Year 11
Autumn  Healthy Lifestyles Travel and Transport
  Relationships and Choices the Environment
Spring Leisure Exam Skills
  Holidays Revision and Exam Practise
Summer  Home and Local Environment Exam Practise
  Work and Education
French Year 10 Year 11
Autumn Healthy Lifestyle Holidays and Ecotourism
  Writing and Translation Environmental Issues
Spring Relationships with Others Social Issues
  Household Tasks and Part-time Jobs Revision
Summer Education and Comparatines Revision
  Speaking and Discussion Skills