The year 10 GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition students enjoyed a visit from Dr Caroline Millman a food microbiologist from Manchester University. In the morning session with Dr Milman the year 10 students learnt about different food poisoning, various deadly food microorganisms such as campylobacter and how to destroy dangerous food microorganisms that may be on our food.  The students discussed various topical news articles about recent food poisoning outbreaks and situations that could pose a threat to human health.  They got involved in various activities that tested their understanding of dangers when they are preparing and storing food as part of their GCSE.  We ending the session with a fun and  interactive game that involved pupils identifying various microorganisms using facts they had learnt about the food bugs!

In the afternoon Dr Millman stayed with us and the year 7 Food tech pupils were lucky enough to have a lesson that involved a wide range of activities! They washed their hands and then using a UV light we could see the microorganisms left on their hands after washing in different condition e.g. cold water, hot water or hot soapy water!  I have noticed the year 7’s washing their hands really affectively in the following lessons!

We also played a game of Top Trumps and used facts and figured about the microorganisms to get a really good understanding of just how deadly some can potentially be! There was also interactive computer sessions in which pupils had to identify mistakes being made in the kitchen environment as well as an opportunity to design their own deadly microorganism!

It was a really good opportunity for the pupils to meet someone involved in the food industry and get a real life understanding of the importance of food hygiene and its relevance in everyday life! Dr Caroline Millman was brilliant and entertaining!  She brought the microbiology of food bugs to life in a fun and entertaining way, which both Key Stages enjoyed and greatly benefitted from!