Voting for the mock election took place on Thursday 12th December.

The results were as follows:

  1. Techno Party 44.49%
  2. Environmental Party 27.97%
  3. National Unity Party 25.85%
  4. Spoilt papers 1.7%

The Techno Party have the keys to number 10 and will meet the Queen at lunchtime, at Buckingham Palace and the Headteachers tomorrow lunchtime.

Thank you all from Mr Goode for your involvement and well done to all the parties and the magnificent year 7s that helped count the votes, the office and Mr Welch/Mr Maycock.

Environmental Party

Our aims are to stop poaching, plant more trees and fight against pollution, creating a cleaner and a better world. Vote for the Environmental Party.

National Unity Party

We promise the truth and not lies. We will stop Brexit, create more jobs, tackle the climate crisis, increase the budget for local government and stop the privatisation of the NHS. Vote N.U.P.

Techno Party

We want to encourage learning through advanced technology and get more people involved. We will also improve healthcare for all. For the school, we will sort out the toilets. Vote to make a change.