Students are preparing to take part in a Mock Election on Thursday 8th June. Various groups have come forward and created political parties, the information below sets out their key ideas

Cake Appreciation Party – to encourage healthy eating and to be rewarded with the occasional cake. We will share the country’s wealth and cakes. We believe in correct punctuation and punctuality.

Clean Green – Our priority is to make the school a better place by updating the facilities. We will make a difference to school life.

Inter Global – Our aim is for everyone to be equal. We will fight against bullying, racism and prejudice. Also, we want to help people to understand other people and their cultures. We aim to make our school an even fairer and happier place than it already is.

Trust – Trust in us because we value the community and the National Trust. We believe that we can make the school better by limiting homework, taking away reading points plus a modified school day.

Youth Egalitarian Society (YES) – We will create a completely fair and equal school experience for everyone regardless of age, gender, race and other dividing qualities. Scrap Grammar Schools, re-nationalise the railways and make universities free.