Year 7

netballThe team have been extremely committed to attending netball practice each week, which has meant that they are really starting to come on together as a team. Their first match against Scalby was a hard match which they sadly lost, but there was some excellent defence from Iris Young and good shooting from Anna Bowman.

Year 8

8netThe year 8 team have been missing a few players due to injury but have been gradually building up their team during practices and matches. All the girls played really well against Scalby, with Alice Collins and Annabelle Jennings showing their competitive side, going for every ball. The girls will now compete in the District Tournament in Eskdale on Tuesday 18th October.

Year 9

9The girls have been showing excellent team work and commitment this year, during practice they are giving the older year groups real competition during the matches. They are trying new tactics and are very receptive to improving their game, trying out some of the harder techniques in netball. They have sadly lost their first 2 games against Scalby and Caedmon College Whitby but are back every week at practice, getting ready for their next game.

Year 10

The year 10 team have a had a difficult start to the season, with injury and absence meaning that a lot of the girls have had to change positions and work out of their comfort zone. They have also had a few new players to their team and although they lost their first match against Scalby they played an outstanding game against Caedmon College Whitby. The game was neck and neck throughout with the girls finally pulling away in the last quarter to win 12-10, meaning they go through to the next stage of the KO cup. This is a true testament to their hard work and positive attitude to the adaptions they have had to make as a team.

Year 11

11The girls had a very close first game against Scalby, they faught hard throughout the match with Isobel Metcalfe and Lucy Height both playing well in their shooting positions. Emily Harrison played a brilliant game at centre, chasing every ball and showing a good level of fitness throughout the match.

The girls have also completed their last every District netball tournament, the afternoon consisted of them beating Filey and drawing against Scalby. They lost against Ryedale and Malton who went on to win the tournament. All afternoon the girls were a credit to the school in their approach to each game and their manner towards the other teams and the umpires. Defence was outstanding from Darcie Defreitas, Joanna Cragg and Alicja Sczerbekia. There was constant movement and motivation on court from Molly Swales and Molly Newham, keeping the team going throughout the different matches.