We are delighted that Oxford University Press have agreed to attend the Year 6 Parents Evening on Monday 11th July to showcase some of their excellent resources that will prove invaluable throughout your child’s time at secondary school. There will be resources to look at and buy at up to 50% off retail prices. The table below shows what will be available on the evening. Arrive in good time to ensure you have the opportunity to browse and/or purchase the resources.


ISBN Title RRP Price to parents Qty
9780192756992 Oxford English Dictionary for Schools 8.99 £5
9780192757012 Oxford English Thesaurus for Schools 8.99 £5
9780199127450 Oxford Learner’s French Dictionary 9.99 £5
9780199127467 Oxford Learner’s Spanish Dictionary 9.99 £5
9780199127474 Oxford Learner’s German Dictionary 9.99 £5
9780199137022 Oxford School Atlas 10.99 £6
9780192745378 Oxford School Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Dictionary 10.99 £6
9780192737502 Oxford Illustrated Shakespeare Dictionary 12.99 £8