At St. Augustine’s the pastoral system is part of the academic and social structure of the School. Proper pastoral support improves standards and achievement in all areas of school life.

Head of Year 7 and the Assistant Head Pastoral

During the summer term the Head of year 7 visits the new Year 7 intake in their primary schools. This gives every pupil the opportunity to meet the person responsible for their welfare.

The Head of Year 7 and the Assistant Head Pastoral co-ordinate the work of each year group by:

  •  Conferring with learning support tutors, staff and parents
  •  Monitoring attitude to learning and behaviour.
  •  Ensuring that pupils are able to benefit from an atmosphere in school which is orderly and purposeful.

Form Tutors

Pupils are registered in their house groups and see their form tutors during morning registration. Each week either a year assembly or house assembly is held.

Contact time with learning support tutors is important for pupils who are used to being with one class teacher. This contact can promote a secure and trusting relationship where problems can be discussed and queries answered. During these periods Year 11 pupils who have been chosen to act as mentors to Year 7 pupils discuss any issues with new pupils and allay any fears they may have. They also eat lunch with new pupils and generally help them to settle into their new school.