Mr Brindle writes – last year’s Poetrython was my first, in my first year teaching at St Augustine’s School. What a good idea, I thought; to encourage students to challenge themselves in learning a poem off by heart, and then reciting it in front of their classmates – whilst also raising some money, to help the English Department replenish its stocks of texts and to go towards the wonderful Uganda school partnership project.

This year, it has been even better! Students from Year 7, 8 and 9 have practised, chanted, rapped, enacted, visualised, sung, learned their choice of Vernon Scannell’s metaphorical ‘Nettles’ or William Blake’s lyrical ‘The Tyger’ (or sometimes both!) They have helped, tested, encouraged and sponsored each other and have really come out with some very impressive outcomes. Just look at what some of the students had to say:

“I’ve learned to never give up; keep trying when you have something hard to do!” Alec Gascoigne

“I’ve learned that sometimes there are things that seem too big to do at first, but then you conquer them and feel better about yourself.” Ana Flores

“Being fearful only makes you stronger because it demands courage, and that makes you stronger!” Keira Murray.

“It made me feel more confident and want to perform more in front of the class.” Rosa Clay

“If you try, you’ll be surprised by what you can achieve.” Lucy Carson

“If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again… My nana was right!” Olivia Thompson

“Just because you fail the first time doesn’t mean you will never succeed…in fact, failure can be a great teacher.” Katie Robinson

“If you do fail along the way, remember it is a good way to learn!” Lilia Schmuck

“You won’t succeed if you don’t believe!” Lola Cammish

“Failing once should fill you with determination to do it again and again until you conquer the world!” James Riley

The English teachers would like to congratulate the following students:

Mr Tattersall of 9:1

Angelika & Millie Newham – recited all of both poems.

The following five students recited all of ‘Nettles’: Jacob Oliver, Sophie Connor, Alice Collins, Fausta Ralyte and Tamara Lino.

These thirteen students recited the whole of ‘The Tyger’: Maddy Adams, Eva Inasu, Grace Hardy, Shannon Olma-Campbell, Evie Pasco, Maverick Bonifacio, Flo Shaw, Aimee-Beth Stephenson, Liberty Ingham, Abigail Little, Scarlett Eccles. Matheena Arpon and Margarett Arpon.


Mr Brindle of 9:2

Kieran Barnes and George Griffiths – recited all of both poems.

These five students recited all of ‘Nettles’ (or equivalent 16 lines from ‘The Tyger’) – Asha Adey, Luca Cole, Isabelle Dixon, Olivia Proctor and Danielle Saputil.

These fifteen students managed all 24 lines of ‘The Tyger’ – Leona Cornforth, Kathryn Donoghue, Jules Gallyot, Jessica Harland, Kian Heblich, Annie Helps, Daisy Howitt, Albin Jaimon, Caden Jones, Elizabeth Metcalfe, Kadie Phillips, Joseph Redford, James Riley, Olivia Shehi and Frankie Swalwell-Pashby.

In addition, Daisy Howitt & Asha Adey raised £20 each.

Mrs Selby of 9:3

Six students recited an entire poem – Lewis Alder, Ellie Duckworth, Lucy Drake, Rhys O’Clallaghan and Iona Grassam.

Mr Brindle of 9:4

Emily Batty recited an impressive 30 lines – all of ‘The Tyger’ and 6 lines of ‘Nettles’.

These three students recited all of ‘Nettles’ (or equivalent 16 lines from ‘The Tyger’) – Ana Flores-Zabala, Hoel Hick and Brandon Lambert.

Amelia Lofts completed the entirety of ‘The Tyger’.

Lastly, Jamie MacDonald raised £20 in sponsorship.

Special congratulations must go to some extremely shy girls who persevered and succeeded – Isabel Monty, Phoenyx Siddle and Connie Blake.

Mrs Gomersall of 8:1

The real stars of Year 8 were Alexander Bacasmas and Reane Canto who both recited both poems beautifully!

Mr Brindle of 7MMk1:

Sanjo Peeter-Silijan recited both poems and Katie Robinson managed 98% of both!

These eight students recited all of ‘Nettles’ (or equivalent 16 lines from ‘The Tyger’) – Solomon Casemore, Rosa Clay, Grace Coleman, Frank Denham, Killian Mannan, Keira Murray, Lucy Raven and Anya Walker.

An amazing thirteen students managed the entirety of ‘The Tyger: Grace Blake, Yzaac Bragado, Emma Brown, Alex Callaghan, Lucy Carson, Ruby Eccles, Eliza King, Neil Mapranathukaran, George McFadyen, Emily Penfold, Lilia Schmuck, Olivia Stubbings and Olivia Thompson!

Plus, the class raised over £300, with Keira raising £40, Frank £36 and Anya £20 on their own!

Mrs Selby of 7LJ1:

Rachel D’Souza and Ellie Williams recited all of both poems!

Mrs Selby of 7MMk2:

Molly Ford recited some of both poems, beautifully.

Mrs Gomersall of 7LJ2:

Louis Eastwood was the star performer of the class and recited ‘The Tyger’ with passion.

Paddy Murray raised over £40 on his own!

So, well done to all of the students who surprised themselves with how brave, confident and determined they could be! And thank you for raising so much money for us and the students of our partner school in Uganda.