Last year, year 11 student Rio Elam signed up for a project through Girlguiding UK called ‘Action For Change’.

For this project she needed to find an issue that she was passionate about and try to change it. Rio decided to change how schools tackle and tolerate bulling.

Since starting her project she has created a blog to raise awareness and would to get as many followers as possible.

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Rio said: “At the beginning of the year, I signed myself up for a weekend away (through Girl Guiding) called Action For Change. I only had a vague idea of what I really was signing myself up for: trying to make a change in our world with issues we really are passionate about. During this weekend at York University, I – along with 40 other Girl Guides – attended several workshops on how to speak up about our issue and how to raise awareness; I began to feel a whole lot better about making a change. I finally decided that my issue with our world was an issue that was only increasing (especially through social media) and a topic that I have experienced myself. My issue was bullying.”