The Science department can offer a range of GCSEs which aim to meet the diversity of pupils’needs and aspirations. They emphasise explanations, theories and modelling in science along with the implications of science for society.

For the majority of you, science will be studied by following a course which leads to the award of two GCSEs (OCR Science and Additional Science). This course provides the opportunity to acquire the scientific skills, knowledge and understanding necessary for life as a citizen.

Assessments for this course will be:

  •  75% on external examinations. These will be set and marked by OCR. They will include structured questions on the four modules contained within each strand of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  • 25% skills assessment, including practical investigations, scientific research and data analysis.

The first GCSE is obtained in year 10, the second in year 11.

External exams are taken in January and June of both year 10 and 11.

All Science GSCEs provide pathways to a wide range of career prospects.

Some of you will study for an OCR national qualification in Science. This is coursework based. You will be guided by staff onto this course.