Members of the Catholic Life Team (CLT) encouraged all of our young visitors to commit to sharing peace with others during their visit to school on the evening of Thursday 21st September.

Following the Four Steps to Peace activity they planted the seed of peace within themselves (symbolised by eating a jelly bean!) and then shared peace with another by presenting them with a friendship ring (a jelly one!). They sealed their commitment to being instruments of peace in the world by signing a dove of peace that was then displayed on the St Augustine’s shield (pictured above).

The activity is based on this year’s school theme, Sharing the Peace of Christ) And may the peace of Christ reign in your hearts, because it is for this that you were called together in one body (Colossians 3:15).

One visiting parent said, “ What a lovely idea! It’s good to know that young people are being encouraged to think about how their actions and attitudes affect the lives of others. Especially in the present climate.”