On behalf of the Champions and Trustees of Million Minutes, please accept our thanks to you and all at Notre Dame for all your fundraising for silent 2015 and the donation of £1181-63. We’ve been amazed and humbled at the phenomenal response to Million Minutes, and the young people we support across the UK.

Young people like Rami; who tragically lost both of his parents whilst he was doing his a-levels, and was left with nowhere to go. He dropped out of college, ran out of his savings and ended up staying with friends, until his last friend said he couldn’t stay anymore. He thought he would be able to find help from the council, but they said they could do nothing for him, so he was left homeless. They did, however, give him a leaflet for the organisation ‘Alone in London’.

‘Alone in London’ found Rami a room in the Cardinal Room Centre, a centre which finds support for young homeless people, and is supported by us! Rami was given great support from the centre, including the employment team, which encouraged him to follow his passion for web design and join a web design consultancy, whilst also finishing his a levels.

With the help Rami was given, he has been able to become a much more confident person, pursuing his ambitions and being accepted by Birkbeck University to study web design. Rami said “My parents wanted me to go to university, so to be able to go makes me feel like life is back within my grasp. I am so grateful to everyone at the Centre, without them, none of this would have happened.”

Please find below a a certificate to recognise all your efforts, and once again a big thank you for your action. You have supported people like Rami, who, without the great support given to Million Minutes by people like you, would be left with no hope. Your fundraising will help transform the lives of young people.

With thanks

Danny Curtin

Million Minutes, Co-Founder and CEO


Million Minutes Certificate