Students in Year 8 enjoyed a performance by the Rise Theatre Company on Friday 22nd September who performed a play about Oscar Romero.

‘Romero – Heartbeat of El Salvador’ is a new play by RISE Theatre in association with
The Archbishop Romero Trust, looking at the life and legacy of a man who chose to challenge those in power and stand up for social justice.

On March 24th 1980, San Salvador, El Salvador, during Mass at the chapel of the Hospital of Divine Providence Archbishop Oscar Romero is killed by a single bullet from an assassin. A modern day martyr created. A future saint in the making.

In 2017, the year that would have been Oscar Romero’s 100th birthday, we continue to draw much inspiration from his example. Through this thought-provoking play, students had the opportunity to explore important themes relating to the world in which we live – solidarity with the poor, promoting social justice, standing up for what is right, actively living out our faith.

The challenge to us all is summed up in Blessed Oscar Romero’s famous quote: “Aspire not to have more, but to be more.”