Virtual Sports Day results:

Winners are ….. Matthew House

The results for the Sports day were:

1st Matthew 450

2nd John 260

3rd Luke 230

4th Mark 150

These were added to the quiz scores from the year which were:

1st John 524

2nd Matthew 523

3rd Luke 480

4th Mark 457

With these two scores added up the final scores for this year are:

1st Matthew 973

2nd John 784

3rd Luke 710

4th Mark 607

The top scorers for each event and who will receive a medal in September:

Plank – 247 seconds Oliver Walters

Speed bounce – 114 Oliver Walters

Target throw – 21 Alexis Mae Zulueta and Jack Metcalfe

Burpees – 31 Alicia Walls

Thank you to everyone who took part.