The St. Augustine’s World Challenge Team departed for Uganda on Sunday 2nd July. Their destination is St. Jude’s RC Primary School, Kitemba.

St Jude’s Primary School is located in a rural and less developed area of Uganda. The school has over 400 pupils and 13 teachers but only 4 classrooms. Two of these classrooms are unfit for purpose to the extent that when it rains the children are sent home as the teachers fear it might collapse.

The community are extremely keen to receive outside help so that the children of the village will be able to receive their education free from fear of collapsing buildings or exposure to the elements. Throughout the 1990’s the parents from the community self-funded the construction of the school and built it brick-by-brick with their own hands.

This has created a very tight-knit community feel and they are genuinely excited about the prospects of World Challenge helping them improving the facilities.