A cold and windy afternoon for the year 10 girls who were competing in the District Netball Tournament at Ryedale school yesterday. They had the first game off which meant they were then at a slight disadvantage as they had to play 6 games in a row. With Iris Young off sick, Grace Nurse stepped up to help the defence out during the games. Elizabeth Carver made a very strong start in her debut in the team and played brilliantly, slotting in well with the rest of the team. Amelia Jenkinson, Eleanor Lofts and Kathryn Kitto all managed to keep playing despite not being 100% after recovery from injury. Anna Bowman and Iliana Legkou were star shooters of the tournaments, against a strong wind they still managed to get the goals in when they were needed. The girls placed 4th overall for the tournament, just missing out on 3rd spot