Year 5 Taster Day

Pupils in Year 5 from a number of local primary schools enjoyed a Secondary School Taster Day today, during which they experienced lots of different subjects including Drama, English, Maths, Science and ICT as well as taking part in lunchtime clubs and activities.

This is what the students thought of the day:

  • “Science is terrifying but I love it!” – Isabella from Our Lady and St Peter’s, Bridlington
  • “I enjoyed the Drama” – Grace from St Peter’s Primary School
  • “I really enjoyed Maths” – Cameron from St Martin’s C of E School
  • “I liked interacting with others in Drama” – Daisy from Hackness Primary School
  • “I enjoyed breaktime” – Will from Hackness
  • “I am excited for the clubs at lunchtime” – Georgina from St Peter’s
  • “I am looking forward to Gardening Club” – Sarah from St Peter’s
  • “I am going to do Sport” – Skye from St Peter’s
  • “I liked the year 8’s helping” – Kacey from Our Lady and St Peter’s
  • “I liked the teachers, especially Mrs Woods” – Emily from St Martin’s
  • “My favourite thing was Drama!” – Connie and Hannah from St Martin’s
  • “This is soooo cool! (Science)” – Scarlett from St Peter’s
  • “It’s fun! I can’t wait to do this in secondary school!” – Amelia from Our Lady and St Peter’s
  • “Science was fun, exciting and mind blowing!” – Connie, Harvey, Hannah, Levi, Edward and Noah from Our Lady and St Peter’s
  • “Maths was fun” – Levi from Our Lady and St Peter’s
  • “My favourite lesson today was Science” – Mark from Our Lady and St Peter’s
  • “I really liked French at lunch” – Hollie from Our Lady and St Peter’s
  • “I enjoyed Drama” – Kate
  • “My favourite lesson was Science” – Brooke from St Peter’s
  • “I enjoyed Science the most” – Olivia from St Peter’s
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