The Year 7s have been brilliant with their commitment to lunch time practices, which has meant that I have been able to put in two teams to this terms partnership tournament – this is my excuse for the poor pictures taken when the girls were doing their hip hip hoorays!

Both teams played excellent with the yellow teams having wins against Graham, Scarborough College and Filey. The movement in the centre court between Annalise Wade, Ebony Watkinson and Lani Russell was very good. They were able to move the ball down court, with Ebony on excellent shooting form.

Erin Richardson played well in the blue team, being a key centre within the games. They managed a draw against Filey but struggled to get the ball down to Eslpeth Ingham for her to shoot.

All the girls played really well and despite some nerves seemed to enjoy the tournament. I hope that their netball commitment continues, as it was very rewarding to be the only school there with two teams😊