Do you help to support someone in your family?!


 As a young carer you may be helping at home by:

  •  Doing the shopping
  • Doing the cooking
  • Doing the cleaning
  • Doing the washing
  • Providing personal care, such as giving medication
  • Lifting someone
  • Listening to someone’s problems
  • Keeping someone company

Caring for someone can be hard for children or young people. It can affect how you do at school, your friendships and your future. We believe young carers deserve the same opportunities as other young people.

If you think you, your child, relative or friend may be a young carer, please talk to MIKA in school.

 Mika can refer to the Scarborough & Ryedale Carers Resource, who provide:

  •  One to one support in or out of school
  • We can listen to you
  • Give advice or find information if you need it
  • Making sure you have a ‘Young Carers Card’ from your school
  • Provide activities and trips with other young carers
  • Offer support for your family