With Advent beginning on Sunday 1st December, we are launching our Advent 2019 Campaign in school.

At this time of year, we offer support to the Rainbow Centre and the Salvation Army who work with those in need in our area and are asking for your support.

We would like to collect essential food items, but also, with Christmas only a short time away, we appeal to you once more for donations of small gifts that the centres’ volunteers can give to the people they serve over the Christmas period.

We are very much aware that the economic climate has affected everyone and we ask only for a donation of one item from each person in our school community. (Working together as a whole we can make a big difference.)

Each Tutor Group will be given a box for their donations. We are operating a sort of reverse Advent Calendar and each day items will be placed in the box and a short passage of scripture will be taken and read in Tutor time to help us realise God’s teaching on loving service of others.

Below is a list of the kinds of items that have been requested.

Thank you in advance for your support and generosity.

List of foods for Rainbow Centre or Salvation Army

Coffee, tea bags, sugar, milk powder, cereals, jam and marmalade, Christmas biscuits, rice puddings, packets of custard, chocolates, bread, cakes, pickled onions, bag of crisps [family packs or individual], instant mash, tinned potatoes, tins of ham, corned beef and spam, tins of beans, tomatoes, peas, carrots, tinned fruit, tuna, hot dogs, meat paste, meat (Irish stew equivalent), meatballs, microwaveable rice, tomato sauce, gravy, paxo, bags of rice, Fray Bentos large pies, packets of pasta, spaghetti, soup, tins/jars of curry, chilli, pasta sauce, pot noodles, mugshots, porridge in pots, cup-a-soups.