As a PE department I don’t think the pupils will ever appreciate how much we value them and their attitude at fixtures. To spend the day with 50 pupils at York Athletics Stadium and not have to speak to one student about their conduct on the day, keeping things tidy or being respectful to other schools was truly heart warming for us as teachers. Not only that but after a long day in the hot sun and then a 45-minute bus journey home when we were all tired and too hot, not one moan or whinge from any pupil is often unheard of!

Mr Farrell and I would like to thank all those that took part for making the day so easy for us to run, for looking after each other as well as pupils from other school and just for being so unbelievable outstanding for the whole day.

So the day itself….I decided that just in case the pupils had never been to York before I would give the bus driver the wrong postcode so we had a little tour before we arrived at the stadium. After a bit of a rush start the events got underway with pupils steadily performing their events throughout the day. It was a really hot day for all the pupils and staff but the day ran smoothly with the relays finishing off the day at 2.30pm.

Although Whitby and Ryedale were the overall winners for the event we had some brilliant individual performances with a staff member from Malton school coming to ask us what our secret was with our sprinters as they were giving Ryedale a run for their money. Well done to all involved.


Year 7

*Adria 4th Shot, 5th Discus  *Adrian 1st Long jump, 1st High jump

*Alan 6th 100m     *Mickey 5th 200m      *Matthew 6th 800m     *Theo 5th 1500m

Boys relay team – 6th place

*Olivia 3rd Shot      *Yasmin 1st Discus      *Sofia 4th High jump   *Mandy 1st 100m

*Elsie 5th 1500m

Girls relay team – 3rd place

Year 8

*Edward 6th Shot    *Tom 4th Discus    *Nic 6th Long jump, 6th 800m    *Jack 5th 1500m               *Alijah 6th Triple jump, 5th 100m, 4th 300m     *Igor 3rd High jump 

Boys relay team – 6th place

*Madeleine 4th Shot, 3rd 100m   *Beth 4th Discus   *Jemima 2nd Long jump, 5th 200m

*Saoirse 1st High jump, 5th 800m   *Julia 6th 800m

Girls relay team – 5th place

Year 9

*Vinnie 6th Discus, 3rd Javelin, 6th Long jump   *Stevo 3rd 100m, 1st 300m  *Frankie 3rd 200m

*Kornel 5th 800m  *Jamil 4th 1500m

Boys relay team – 4th place

*Phoebe 2nd Discus   *Lani 5th Javelin  *Ebony 5th High jump, 5th 200m  *Juliette 6th 100m, 6th 800m

*Jasmine 5th 1500m

Girls relay team – 6th place

Year 10

*Oliver 5th Shot   *Marcus 6th Discus  *Elliot 2nd Javelin, 3rd 800m  *Kaiden 5th Long jump

*Billy 4th 100m, 5th 1500m   *Simon 4th 200m, 6th 400m

Boys relay team – 3rd place

*Molly 6th Shot  *Lucy 2nd Discus   *Alicia 5th Javelin, 4th Long jump  *Alexis 1st 200m

*Poppy 5th Triple jump, 4th 300m  *Olivia 2nd 800m, 2nd 1500m

Girls relay team – 3rd place