The sun was shining yet again for an afternoon of athletics track events against the other local schools in the Scarborough area. Sadly, due to a poor random lane pick by Mrs Farrell we ended up with lane 4 for the afternoon. This however didn’t put off our pupils who as always represented the school in the best possible light. The Year 9s finished their assessments and zoomed down to the playing fields with not much time to prepare, we also had a few pupils with other commitments after school so had to double up on a few events with not much time between races to catch their breath! As always with the athletics it was a nervous event for our pupils with the top 3 in each event going through to compete at York Stadium. We had a few injuries from Jasmine and Tilly, but who both managed to pull through to compete in the relay at the end of the evening which was greatly appreciated by us all!!

It was a long afternoon and all the pupils did really well in all their events, see results below.

1500m:                                                                 800m:                                                    300m/400m:

Elsie 2nd                                                                Daisy 4th                                               Alijah 2nd

Theo 3rd                                                                Matthew 3rd                                       Stevo 1st

Jemima 3rd                                                           Saoirse 3rd                                            Poppy 1st

Jack 2nd                                                                 Aiden 2nd                                              Simon 2nd

Jamil 2nd                                                               Juliette 3rd

Olivia 1st                                                               Kornel 3rd

Elliot 2nd                                                               Olivia 1st

                                                                                Billy 1st

200m:                                                                    100m:                                                    Relay:

Sophie 4th                                                            Mandy 1st                                            Year 7 girls 2nd

Mickey 3rd                                                            Alan 3rd                                                 Year 7 boys 4th

Saoirse 1st                                                            Madeleine 1st                                     Year 8 girls 3rd

Harvey 4th                                                            Harvey 4th                                            Year 8 boys 3rd

Ebony 3rd                                                              Ava 4th                                                   Year 9 girls 2nd

Frankie 2nd                                                           Stevo 2nd                                              Year 9 boys 2nd

Olivia 3rd                                                               Tilly 4th                                                  Year 10 girls 2nd

Billy 2nd                                                                 Joffy 3rd                                                Year 10 boys 2nd