Our CEIAG (Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance) programme is taught to all year groups with a focus on employability skills and one-to-one interviews. Our dedicated CEIAG Co-ordinator Mrs Jess Pasco, ensures that our pupils get the best possible start in life through effective support and guidance. This is enhanced with exciting opportunities from local education institutions and training providers so that students can look at the wide range of careers and vocations available to them.

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Use these links to look up what skills and qualifications you need for the job you are interested in.
Here you can also find out details about wages. It is also important to look at job prospects so you can see whether it is expected that there will be more or less jobs in that career in the future.
Here you will also find suggestions of other similar jobs in that area which you may not have thought of.

Have a good look around and inform yourself!






Mrs J Pasco can be contacted by email at: jpasco@staugs.smccat.org.uk or telephone: 01723 363280. There is also a dedicated Careers Facebook page: facebook.com/St-Augustines-School-Careers-1764871956924800