The Eco-Community group met last week to discuss their latest objectives.


Water Bottles – please bring your own water bottle to school, instead of buying plastic bottles.

Broken Pens – Adam Scott (year 11) will be bringing a tin for you to collect old, unwanted and broken pens.  Rather than throwing away old pens, they can be used by Ellie’s Fund to raise money.

Winter Coats – Rather than discarding any old winter coats in the bin and they end up in land fill; it would be a great idea to collect them and we would take them to the Salvation Army and/or Rainbow Centre.  

Recycle bins.  We are in the process of sorting a system in which pupils will collect your recycle bin and empty it for you. 

The group has made a very positive start with loads of ideas.  We are keeping it real and to begin with starting to tackle recycling and re-usable water bottles.  Our next meeting is 22nd November in the Food Room starting around 12:40pm.  Everyone is most welcome to join us.