The team of Connie Brand, Sophie Ievers, Hebe Ridley, Lacey France, Effie Close and Sofia Ball took on their second partnership tournament yesterday at Scalby school. Due to illnesses we were missing a few players but thankfully the girls were happy to step forward to play. Despite claiming that “netball is better than football and I don’t know what I am doing”, Sophie made an excellent start against Filey school. She was confident up front and made some excellent tackles in each of the games, proving herself to be a key footballer for the team. Lacey provided us with an early goal against Filey which put them on the back foot for the rest of the game and we managed to score one more. They got 2 penalties awarded, with Effie showing her skill in goal managing to stop the first one but the second one just creeped in. The girls won the game 2-1.

Their next game against Graham proved more challenging, Sofia provided some strong defence clearing the ball as much as she could whilst being put under constant pressure from the Graham attack. Hebe was quick to support in defence, making some key tackles to keep the score low with Graham beating us 2-0.

The third final game was against Scalby, this game would decide whether we would come second or third in the tournament. The girls played an outstanding last match, all working together as a team and all feeling a lot more confident in their abilities. Connie had a brilliant match, being able to help stop the ball in defence but having the space to push up front in attack. The girls managed to keep Scalby from scoring and the match finished 0-0.

This meant that it went down to goal difference with St Augustine’s just beating Scalby and so finishing a well-deserved second place overall.