Computer Science is taught at both Key Stages at St Augustines. Following the national curriculum in lessons usually taking place once per week we cover a range of topics: visual and text-based programming, 3D design, game creation, spreadsheets and image editing amongst others.

The focus of our year 7-9 curriculum is to ensure an excellent foundation of computer knowledge for all whilst providing room for students that want to develop their skills further to do so. 

At Key Stage 4 we offer two non-compulsory options. Computer Science takes the most technical route with a focus on the how and why of a computer’s core functions. Learning a programming language is a must and as a department we teach Python. Units of work focus on the following:

– Systems Architecture, Memory and Storage

– Wired and Wireless Networks

– Systems Software and Security

– Ethical, Legal, Cultural and Environmental Concerns

– Algorithms

– Programming

– Logic and Languages

– Data Representation

The course is assessed in two exams, each worth 50% of the overall grade.

Students that wish to pursue a more creative route can opt to study iMedia. This course focuses more on what can be created using a computer as a digital tool together with all the necessary planning skills associated with this. Units cover the following:

– Pre-Production Skills

– Creating Digital Graphics

– Creating a Digital Animation

– Creating Interactive Multimedia Products

Each of the four units accounts for 25% of the overall grade, the first unit being an exam and the other three coursework.