Year 10 student Marcjanna Slodczyk won the 2018 St Augustine’s Got Talent Competition with her vocal and electric violin performance.

The event took place on Wednesday evening to a packed house at Westborough Church. There were 18 acts in total, which included girl bands, comedians, dancers and musicians all performing to a very high standard making it very difficult for the judges to pick a winner. There for four 3rd places – Maddie Adams, Olivia Stubbings, George Schmuck and Sophie Skelton. In 2nd place, two acts – Purple Cheescake (a jazz/funk band) and Lola Cammish, one of the youngest singers of the night.

The acts wowed the 4 guest judges – Patrick ‘Paddy in the Morning’ Billington, Emmie Beckitt, Micheal Thompson and Tracy Levis, all outstanding performers and musicians in their respective fields.

The winner for 2018 was Marcjanna Slodczyk who sang and played the electric violin and memorised the audiences and judges alike performing a song by The Christians. Mr Barron said: “What an amazing show, everyone involved was amazing, I am so very proud that the pupils of this school have the confidence and talent to put on a top show like that.”