Dear Parent/Guardians, 

I hope that you are enjoying the most of the summer holidays so far. 

Thank you to those parents who have contacted the school regarding the new uniform expectations, in particular what shoes the children can wear.

It has been highlighted to us that Deakin shoes, distributed by Bjorn Clogs LTD in Scarborough, are selling a shoe/trainer called the Maverick. This footwear shares a striking resemblance to the Nike Air Force 1 trainers that is not acceptable in school from September. They also sell a considerably large range of shoes that meet the criteria set before the end of term. Please refer to my previous letter regarding footwear complete with illustrations.

As a result of the similarity to other trainer-based footwear, the Maverick and the Kickers Tovni will not be accepted under our new uniform expectations. Bjorn Clogs LTD have been informed that students from St Augustine’s should not be buying these items as part of our school uniform.

I cannot answer what other schools in the area are allowing their students to wear to school. We are setting the highest expectations in all aspects of the children’s education, including uniform, as you would expect from St Augustine’s.

God bless and enjoy the rest of your holidays.

Aishling Robinson