Year 10 travelled to Mulgrave Cricket Club for a District Cricket match, against rivals Caedmon
College. The team was made up of a few reinforcements, with Tom G and Taryn stepping up from
year 8 after impressing for the year 9 team, and Tom K, George and Vinny stepping up from the year
9 team.
After losing the coin toss, we were sent out to bat first. Opening batsmen Billy and Joffy got us off to
a great start, playing some very nice shots, and easing us into an excellent rhythm. A superb 4 by
Joffy kicked us off, and the dangerous bowling of the Caedmon bowlers were beginning to get
frustrated. Billy was calling for the singles to be ran, coordinating very well with Joffy to both record
some tactical singles. The bowling of Caedmon eventually started to tell, and a deflection off Joffy’s
pad was diverted onto the stumps, and we lost our first wicket. 8 for Joffy, a respectable opening
score, however something we were keen to build upon.
The GCSE lads were up next, with Billy and Charlie looking to impress for their recorded
assessments. They began well, with Billy very unlucky to not get a boundary, however due to the
quick thinking of both players, were able to get 2 runs. As Charlie was beginning to get into the
swing of the game, notching a 4, followed by some excellent defensive shots from the dangerous
fast bowls coming his way.
Billy was next to make way, adding an additional 5 runs to our tally, again with a bowl deflecting off
his pad, and striking the wicket. Taryn was up next, keen to build on his excellent performance
against Pindar, however his eagerness to build upon our tally was punished, with the bowling
removing Taryn for a single run. Charlie soon departed, with a respectable 7 runs being added to our
steadily increasing score.
George and Tom K were the next pairing up, again keen to build up a successful outing vs Pindar
School. George was managing the bowling very well, with a new spin bowler in to test our batting

resolve. The lads took a few minutes to adjust, defending nicely and scoring a few well played
singles. A brilliant edge from George hit the boundary, and you could sense the nerves in the
Caedmon camp starting to build. Back to the fast bowling, which ultimately led to George being
bowled out for his boundary 4 only.
Tom G was in next, making the big step up from year 8. This didn’t faze him in the slightest, with his
experience of men’s cricket being pivotal in this. The spin bowler was back in, hoping to disarm the
new pairing, and cause confusion. Tom K, encouraged by his success previously versus the spin, had
sensed an opportunity to hit the ball for a 6. However, much to his dismay, the ball spun away from
him, into the grateful gloves of the wicketkeeper who gleefully stumped him out.
Tom G and Ezekiel were providing a stern test for Caedmon, using the fast bowler’s own pace to get
tactical singles, and occasionally doubles. It was one of these fast bowls which eventually led to Tom
G being called for an LBW. Ezekiel followed soon afterwards, not quite making a clean connection
with his bat, looping the ball up into the sky, and into the hands of the fielder.
Vinny was up next, partnered alongside Jonath. The Caedmon players were at a loss with how to
deal with the left handed batting Jonath was providing, and it took plenty of reorganising of the field
before they got to grips with his batting. Vinny was extremely eager to learn from Jonath, listening
intently to every call, and between them scored a very respectable 4. Vinny’s enthusiasm eventually
led him to be bowled out, managing a single run.
The final pairing of Jonath and Ezeki offered a brief glimmer of hope, with Ezeki immediately getting
off the mark with a single, before a boundary added to his tally. The bowler had one more accurate,
deadly bowl in his locker, which sent Ezeki out, and we finished with 47 runs.
Caedmon College were up next to bat, and our bowlers knew they had a mammoth task on their
hands to get the opposition out for less than 47. Billy began, and his fast bowling was causing issues
for the opponents, and limiting them to the occasional single, with Charlie up next for a bit of a
change of pace, utilising his accuracy more than his power. Joffy continued in the same vein as Billy,
terrifying the batters, who could only glance his bowls in the hope of getting a lucky boundary. Taryn
also got in on the action, restricting Caedmon to few if any runs, however, it wasn’t to be, and our
opponents edged over the line, beating us by 10 wickets.
The lads demonstrated some fantastic cricket, and were very unlucky to not have made the match