It was the Year 11s last netball game for St Augustine’s school this week and I thought that I would give them a challenge for their final match! We played against Scarborough 6th Form 3rd team, although we were missing a few players the girls did a brilliant job against a team a year older than themselves. A big thank you to Poppy Rewcroft who came to play for the Year 11s and worked well within the team as centre, we appreciate you stepping up for the team again.

This team is rarely quiet however the 1st quarter you could have heard a pin drop as not a word was said by either team! We put it down to nerves and the girls getting used to the 6th forms heated sports hall floor which meant it was a very hot game!! All the girls played well, with Eliza King getting player of the match as voted for by the 6th form girls.

Usually in my sports reports I try to give an over view of the game but as this is the girls last game I would like to give a little mention to each player about their time in the team.

Ellie Williams – Ellie came late to the team but has been a brilliant addition, her commitment to lunch time practices when she is only one of two has been outstanding. She has picked up the game well and has shown true resilience playing with broken fingers!! I hope she continues to develop her game once she leaves St Augustine’s.

Katie Robinson – Katie has shown herself to be a brilliant shooter in netball, like Ellie she has been committed to lunch time practices and both girls have been representing year 11 every week! Katie has slotted well into the team, working well with Eliza in the circle. She has even brought regular debates about whether you work harder in table tennis or netball!

Grace Coleman – Grace can give you the impression that she is one of the “quiet girls” however, you can always hear her chuckling away in the changing rooms and last night gave us some lovely Christmas singing. She is an outstanding defender and committed to the team, regularly changing her plans after school when I need her to play. When she asks if she can have a quarter off and I give her a look of “any chance you can stay on” she always does. From year 7 she has always had a little feisty side to her when playing sport – don’t ever lose this Grace and keep being you.

Rosa Clay – where to start, Rosa I believe is from Scarborough however sometimes you would think she was from America as regularly in team talks or practices her American accent comes out to keep us entertained. She is a brilliant centre court player, always bursting with energy that is infectious to the rest of the team. If anything needs to be said and the team don’t think they can say it, Rosa will always speak her mind in the most eloquent and polite way that even if she is complaining about the other team you would never know it. Rosa you are our team spirit and thank you for keeping us smiling.

Lucy Carson -Lucy has been in the team since year 7, she has worked really hard and developed her defensive skills every year. No matter what position I ask her to play or whether I need her to move to a position she doesn’t really want to play she does it with a smile on her face. She is a key member of the team and well liked throughout. I really appreciate her cheery smile every time she comes to netball.

Ella Brown – Ella has only started to play in the last couple of years, she has grown in confidence and her game has improved every week. She probably doesn’t realise how good she is, a quiet little player on the court and whenever you need a person to pass to she is there every time, quietly getting rid of her marker without them even realising. Despite the regular question of whether she has to take her earrings out or if she can just hide them with her hair *** insert eye rolling emoji from me every time *** I am so glad she joined the team and hope she continues to grow in confidence.

Mia Gardner Long – Mia has developed as a player so much in the last couple of years, she has been able to make WD her own position, making the opposition work hard to keep up with her. Although Mia regular asks which way are we shooting or where do I stand on a regular basis her game keeps on improving since she has been training in the ladies league. I hope she realises how much I appreciate her saying thank you at the end of each match and always telling me to have a nice day.

Anna Hick – Anna was another member of the team who has been playing since year 7, the coach at the 6th form game said “Is that Anna Hick? Hasn’t she come on in her game”, her game has improved and she has turned into a player that can play in every position. She knows when I give her a look at half time that she is more than likely going to be put in a random position to see if we can mix up the game a bit and she always says “It’s fine Miss, I’ll have a go”. She does a brilliant job at every position that is thrown her way and always does it with a smile on her face, which I hope she knows how much easier she makes my job.

Sandra Kukurowska – known as a little pocket rocket within the PE department, Sandra does not stop on the netball court, aggressive in the best possible way and never gives up. Although she whinges at me when I don’t change her position or put her to shooter and falls out with me when I say she’s cheating at bench ball, the team wouldn’t be the same without Sandra. She has been committed since year 7, always helped me out with getting letters out, chasing the team up and just being lovely. I hope she continues her competitive edge throughout her life.

Mia Swalwell – Mia has always been a fast and speedy player, at centre court she works to her full capacity every game (even if she’s feeling travel sick!!) She is not a quiet player and has to be told twenty million times to take her earrings out, however she is a big part of the team, is always vocal in the best possible way and keeps the game motivated. She has always been lovely and I hope she knows I don’t just clear up anyone’s sick!

Eliza King – As soon as I saw Eliza get shot after shot in during year 7 I knew she would be a good player, she has consistently been a good shooter, getting shots in under any sort of pressure and never failing to smile as she does it. She is a fair and respectful competitor but won’t be pushed around on court. As captain she represents what sport is about and I’m so grateful she has kept that going throughout her time at St Augustine’s. Despite a debate about whether 6 pairs of earrings are not against the rules but rather a sign of individualism it has been a pleasure to have her in the team. She is polite, always smiling and never misses a match. Thank you for being a wonderful captain and always asking how I am.

It has been a pleasure to have these girls in the netball team, they have all brought something to the team that wouldn’t be the same if they weren’t here. I wish them all the success in the future.