The Year 8 lads travelled to Pindar on Tuesday evening, hoping to showcase some high-quality basketball. All of the boys are regulars at Basketball club and have been improving their skills tremendously, and it was obvious from the outset their confidence was brimming.

Our first game was against Filey, who proved to be a tough opposition, with a considerable height advantage. Despite this we took the lead through Kobi Malone, dropping his shoulder and shooting a 3-pointer from way out. A distant cry of ‘KOBE’ could be heard echoing through the court, and there was nothing but net. However, despite raucous celebration from Joe Moorhouse and Ed Chamberlain, the ref harshly adjudged Kobi to be travelling, and the score remained at 0-0. Powerful dribbling from Joe was pinning the Filey team back, with his quick movement and fantastic interchanges with Taryn Moses being too much foe opposition at times, and we were desperately unlucky to go in 0-0 at half time. The second half again the lads were very unlucky, and in turn everything Filey shot seemed to go in! 4 baskets later and St Augs unfortunately lost their opening game.

The second game began much more brightly, and despite Scalby’s team in the first half having a significant height advantage, their lead was only 6-2. This was in large part thanks to tenacious defending from Max Jenkinson and Owen Browne, who raced back to defend with their lives every time we lost the ball. Daniel Andrews was causing problems for the Scalby defence, finding pockets of space everywhere, and the accurate passing of George Witherington would find Daniel every time. The lads began like men possessed in the second half, and Theo Dickinson must have eaten his Weetabix before this game, as he was linking up with everyone! Scalby couldn’t cope with Theo, and he scored two baskets in quick succession, first linking up with Taryn and secondly with Max. Max again turned provider, and a quick one-two with Ed allowed Ed to also score with confidence. 8-8 the game finished, with the lads 4 baskets securing a memorable comeback.

Our third and final game against Pindar began in the same vein, with Pindar scoring first and George quickly equalising, being first to react from his own missed throw, catching the rebound and sinking the basket in exquisite style. Again Owen, Kobi and Joe were quick to defend, preventing any Pindar breakaway baskets, and keeping the score level at half time. Despite some unlucky misses from Taryn and Theo, one in particular which rolled around the rim of the twice before popping out, the Pindar second half team were able to score 3 baskets in quick succession and condemn us to another very unlucky loss.

The whole tournament was played in excellent spirits, and it was fantastic to see the lads cheering each other on and playing so well as a team. Well done lads!