The new Year 8 team played it’s first game tonight against Filey, with their Year 7 season being unfortunately interrupted. They began well, and competed fiercely against a well drilled, experienced team. It was clear that the Filey players had played a lot together, many of them for various clubs, at a good standard.

It took Filey 12 minutes to get a foothold in the game, with Theo Dickinson and Ed Chamberlain commanding at the back, batting off attack after attack. Oliwier Kobus used his lightning pace and crunching tackling to sweep up any attacks that did get through. Patrick Jurczyk in right back was given some free roam, with Oliwier protecting the defence from left back, and managed to get the ball in some very nice positions further forward. The St Augustine’s robust defence was finally beaten by some unstoppable interplay down the right hand side, resulting in a cross that the Filey striker headed in, leaving Niklas Smith with no chance in goal.

Not to be down heartened by the Filey goal, St Aug’s played some lovely football, with Oscar Jennison and Luca Stuttard in central midfield showcasing some excellent one-twos to cut through the Filey midfield like a knife through warm butter. They worked the ball to Kasper Jura in the striker position, who used his strength to hold the ball up fantastically, allowing St Aug’s to play football near the Filey goal. However, the lad’s confidence eventually was their own downfall, with a short pass from the back being intercepted, and Filey had another. St Aug’s really needed half time to arrive, with the game looking in danger of slipping away from them. Despite Harvey Correia’s super speed and instinctive tackling winning the ball high up the pitch, and Kasper Sikorski forever nipping the ankles of the Filey players, never giving them a moments peace, we went in at the break 4-0 down. Not once did their fighting spirit leave them, and only made them hungrier to get out there and compete!

Some changes at half time brought on Mackenzie Close and Nick Idziaszczyk in the full back position, immediately providing some strength and defensive unity, and Owen Browne and Max Jenkinson the same only in the winger positions. Max immediately brought the ball down, protected the ball from 3 onrushing defenders before releasing the Messi-style dribbling of Luca Stuttard down the wing. Oscar and Kobi Malone immediately rushed forward, sensing blood, with the cross from Luca finding Oscar, who forced a very impressive save from the visitor’s goalkeeper.

Again St Augustine’s started the half very well, limiting the Filey strikers to only a few shots on goal, which were eagerly gobbled up by Niklas, who was growing in confidence by the minute. He was however powerless to prevent the 5th goal, and that’s how the game remained for much of the second half. Owen’s protective instincts were kicking in, and he patrolled his defense line menacingly. Mackenzie Close was cool and collected under pressure, finding nice passes out of defence. Nick I was instrumental in slowing down the Filey left winger, a great source of the opponent’s joy for much of the match.

A quick-fire 3 goals finished the game off for Filey, and to rub salt into the wounds, a moment of defensive madness from Oliwier, clearly forgetting he wasn’t a goalkeeper, and producing a breathtaking save from the striker. The resulting penalty wrapped up the game for Filey.

St Aug’s should be very proud of their performance, which improved with every minute, and also the attitude and togetherness they showed to keep encouraging each other. Rest assured the lads will be well prepared for their next game! Niklas Smith in goal in particular was complimented by the travelling manager and fans, for his outstanding saves.