The year 9 girls were looking forward to their first tournament of the year, they are a committed team who always come to lunch time club with a smile on their face and enthusiasm to play, so it was a delight to be able to take them to the tournament. Although the morning rain put in doubts whether the tournament would be postponed again thankfully it brightened up towards the afternoon so the girls were able to participate in all the matches outside, meaning that the games were able to be longer.

Their first game against Filey was a brilliant start to the tournament with the girls winning 2-0. Lani Russell and Ebony Watkinson worked hard to overcome some tough contact to play the ball well around the circle, taking the opportunity to shoot when they could.

Throughout all of the matches Phoebe Hudson and Juilette Moran played exceptionally well together to bring the ball down court, with Phoebe managing to turn her game around quickly to get back into defence. Juilette played outstandingly to drive forward into space each time we had possession. Lottie Agar managed to switch it up in defence, gaining some good interceptions during the Malton match whilst continuing to get into space to help bring the ball down court.

Rose Collins and Annalise Wade worked their magic at WA, demonstrating excellent spacial awareness during the Scalby and Ryedale game. They were able to work within the court to find the space to receive passes from the girls which were vital to enable our team to get the ball in our attacking circle.

A special shout out to birthday girl Lyla Prendergast who played absolutely brilliantly for her first game in the team. She was a key defender in all of the games, not only getting the interceptions to turn the ball around she displayed quick thinking to turn her play into an attacking mindset and was able to bring the ball up court to our shooters.

The girls came 4th overall in the tournament, but were very close to achieving 3rd place after a close game against Scalby where the first half ended 0 – 0. Scalby however just managed to pull away in the second half, gaining 2 goals.

The whole team played really well and should be proud of their achievement, it was a lovely afternoon of netball.