Within their first term, our staff will establish a target level for your child in each subject area. Throughout the year we will monitor your child’s progress using both formal and informal assessments. These assessments allow us to recognise success and where underachievement is identified, work together to overcome any difficulties. Targets are then set annually for every child giving staff a clear picture of progress made throughout your child’s time at St. Augustine’s.

At St Augustine’s we have a proven record of academic excellence, with result results being particularly pleasing. All staff and pupils will be challenged to attain excellence by achieving their full potential.

Academic excellence can only be achieved through a partnership between school and home. We recognise the excellent work that parents and primary schools do prior to your child coming to us and we continue to work closely with parents throughout the five years they will spend with us. Every child will receive diagnostic assessments to ensure their skills and abilities are recognised on entry to the school. Internal formal assessments take place every half term with reports going home twice yearly to parents/carers.

Individual subject targets for every child are designed to ensure that each pupil, teacher and parent is clear about what can be achieved. In order to allow every pupil to succeed at their own level, classes are set by ability. This allows staff to personalise teaching and learning. It also ensures we maximise the progress and attainment of all St Augustine’s pupils.